Welcome to Chieftain Boxers Reg.

We are a small kennel, all our dogs are house dogs and members of our family. Our home is in Northern Ontario so the dogs don't stay out very long in the winter time because of the cold, in the spring because of the bugs, in the summer because of the heat and in the fall because of the rain and damp. So consequently, they are with us a great deal of the time which is the way we and they prefer it.

We used to live in town and had a nice car, our lawn and garden were nicely manicured and the veggies grew in neat rows. When we had one dog it was OK, when we got 2 dogs we fenced in the yard and barricaded the garden. When a litter of puppies arrived, we threw up our hands and let them have the yard and we got the deck. Our numbers increased and we decided to move to the country which everyone loves.

We have about 1 litter a year and our aim is to breed sensible, happy, healthy boxers who can be loving members of your family. Since becoming involved in raising and showing boxers, we have met people from across Canada and the US, England, Australia and New Zealand. We are members of CKC, Northern Ontario Boxer Club, and The Boxer Club of Canada.


Where it all began - see Chief's page here


Sherman wins Best of Breed at the Boxer Club of Canada Regional in Barrie - August 2012!!

DAM OF MERIT!   -   We are proud of our Riot. Ch Chieftain Shadowdale QuietRiot who became a Dam of Merit on Aug 11, 2006. Way to go Riot! Riot is owned and loved by Mary Curl - Shadowdale Boxers perm. reg.

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