Chieftains Touched by an Angel "Tess"
Sire: Ch Shadowdale The Leading Edge * Dam: Ch Chieftain's Sailor Moon
Nov. 10 2002 - Sept. 27 2003

Tess was our very special girl, she was blind but that did not stop her from enjoying every day of her life. She ran with the other dogs, loved toys that made a noise, could go up and down stairs with amazing speed and would try anything once. She is shown above with her very special boy, Nick, our 9 year old grandson and Joe who is 11.

Nick and Tess formed a very special relationship when Tess lived with my daughter for a short while, Tess did not adjust to living as an only dog so she came back to us and this was her forever home. She used to wake him up in the morning by sitting on his head. When they come to visit her they play a game called find me, Nick will try and hide from Tess but because her other senses were so keen, she could smell him out anywhere he tried to hide.

Having a blind dog has it's challenges but she was so aware of what was going on around her we were challenged trying to keep up with her. She may have been blind but she could find the best places to snooze.

If you have a blind dog and I can be of any help please don't hesitate to get in touch.